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Legal Disclaimer

Please read before using this website.

The information, ideas, and resources contained in this website are for information purposes only.


The resources on this website are not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical or mental health diagnosis. The information within this site is not intended nor should be taken as therapeutic, legal, or otherwise professional or personal advice. 


Use of this site and/or communication through this site at no time forms a therapeutic relationship between the site user and therapist.  Marcia P. Chichester, LCSW-R assumes no liability for the information within this website or harm that may result from using, referencing, relying on, or decisions executed from its use.


Marcia P. Chichester, LCSW-R does not endorse or presume liability for third parties linked or suggested on this site.  They are included for resource and informational purposes only.  Any grievance with a third party must be addressed directly with that party.  


Using this website establishes your consent to the legal disclaimer.

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